Tuesday, September 8, 2009

House I Love!

While on Whidbey Island over Labor Day weekend, Adam and I stumbled upon a new community being built right outside Langley (one of our favorite places). We fell in love with a house called the Osprey (pictured above) this house was designed by the Langley Builders Design Team. The cottages at The Highlands are designed by renowned architect Ross Chapin. Heis most famous for his Cottages and Small Houses. The community is called The Highlands which is designed by the Langley Builders Design Team and Ross Chapin. It has amazing views over Saratoga passage. The attention to detail, open floor plans and use of every space is what sold us. My dream is to someday move to Whidbey Island, where I spend at least 1 weekend a month and would love to be able to live in a Ross Chapin or Langley Builders Design Team designed home someday. We also had an amazing wine tasting at 2nd Street Wine Shop & dinner at Prima Bistro our last night on the island. If you have not yet visited the island, it is an amazing vacation away from reality!

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