Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Love} Twelve Months!

You at Twelve Months:

You love to eat! You have given up on baby food and eat all the things that we eat now. Your favorite fruits are watermelon, peaches, nectarines and strawberries. You also love eggs, avocado, beets, chicken and turkey.

Your love for Chloe continues to grow - we love watching you play "catch" with her. You are pretty good at throwing the ball for her now. You love to lay on her and cuddle with her.

You like to dance. When I say "Let's dance Cade" you start wiggling back and forth and laugh at me dancing too. This is a favorite part of my day! 

 You are happiest in the backyard, on a walk in your red wagon or at the beach. 

You love balloons! We discovered this at your 1st Birthday party.

Your favorite book is Where is Baby's Bellybutton.

You love to climb - stairs, onto tables, beds. We have to keep an eye on you. 

You still love all things related to water.

Happy Twelve Months Cade! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cade's 1st Birthday Bash: A Pool Party

Doughnut Dessert Table 

Cade's Birthday 'Cake' - adorable stand created by Grandma Kari 
Favor pails for the kiddos 
The favors: mini pails, goggles, mini beach ball and swedish fish in a chevron print bag stamped with a number 1 

Sunscreen Station 
Brunch. The backdrop: A window pane strung with instagram prints  

In his favorite place: water 
Birthday Chair 
Mini Water Bottles for the kiddos finished with paper tape stamped with the number 1 

Our amazing family and friends that came out to celebrate 
Our family 
Cade and his Great Grandma Shirley

On Sunday August 26th we hosted Cade's 1st Birthday Bash: A Pool Party. 
Cade LOVES the water and we could not have picked a better place for his party. We hosted 80 family and friends for a brunch to celebrate Cade's 1st year at The Tacoma Lawn and Tennis Club. The weather turned out perfect, brunch was delicious - thank you to Chef Randy, Sandra, and Janin at The Vault Catering Co, dessert was scrumptious and all the family and friends made the day perfect. 
Happy 1st Birthday Cade! 

Paper Crafts and Menus created by Kari Snyder 
All images courtesy of Sandra Winters of The Vault Catering Company 

Monday, August 6, 2012

{Love} Eleven Months!

You at Eleven Months: 

You give us kisses! 
I love getting my Cade kisses everyday. You just learned to give Grandma Kari Eskimo kisses too

You have 4 teeth now: 2 cute little ones on the bottom and 2 on top 

You LOVE water! I can hardly keep you on dry land at the beach house. Swim lessons have been so fun! You love to observe all the "big" kids in class. You love your nightly bath too

You love to drink water from grown up glasses & your sippy cup - but mostly from momma's water glass - this is your favorite

You love to wear 1 sock only. People always ask me if they know you only have 1 sock on - I smile and reply yes - it is just how you are most comfortable

You love to "talk". You have your own little language and "talk" to your books, to us and to Chloe too

You are a master crawler - you have moved into a bear crawl - you are working your way towards walking but are not quite there yet

You love to climb up stairs - you have mastered the ones at Grandma Kari's and Papa Charlie's house.

I am busy planning your 1st birthday party - a Pool Party. 
This year has gone by so quickly - we have had so many fun adventures as a family and I look forward to a million more. 

Happy 11 Months Baby Boy! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

{Love} Ten Months!

You at 10 Months

You can say mama - yay!
You call Chloe - gog - you love your dog so much 
You are a water baby! Puget Sound is your new favorite body of water 
You love the beach - sand, driftwood & sea kelp 
You are a mover -  a quick crawler and pulling yourself up on everything 
You are always willing to try new foods - we love your facial expressions 
You clap when you are happy 
You have new teeth working their way in and it is not fun for you 
You love to hear mama and dad sing the ABC's - this is our soothing lullaby for you 
You laugh uncontrollably at your Papa Charlie - it makes us all laugh 
Some babies do not sleep much, you are one of these babies 

We love you - Happy 10 Months Little One 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day {Whidbey Island}

Wagon prep for the big parade 
Ready for Shore Avenue 
Cousins First Parade 
Happy 4th! 
Megan and Wyatt finishing the parade
Dad, Adam & Cade grilling dinner 
Amazing popsicles made by Mom 
Little Wyatt 
Perfect end to the day 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Reflection: First Father's Day

 Top Left: My Dad and I the day I was born  / Top Right: Happy Father's Day Welcome 
Middle Right: The table  / Middle Left: The Moll's - Adam, Gary and Cade 
Bottom Left: Dessert - Root Beer Floats  /Bottom Left - Packaging: Craft Paper + Bakers Twine + Button 

Instagram book that I created for Adam using Blurb.com

Although Father's Day has come and gone, I wanted to share some images from our family Father's Day Celebration. We hosted our families for a backyard BBQ and sunshine Father's Day Sunday. I am so happy that we were able to spend the day with both of our Dad's on Cade's first Father's Day. I have loved every minute of watching Adam grow into his role as a father and Cade is so lucky to have such an amazing Dad! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Craft Night: Let the Summer Crafts Begin

A few weeks ago our group of ladies that likes to create and craft got together to create a living moss & succulent wreath. Our dear friend and super talented florist Jen lead our group for this craft night. It was so much fun and we had amazing weather and delicious appetizers and of course wine to complete the night. Looking forward to our next craft night.

The ingredients for the perfect moss & succulent wreath: 
1. wire wreath form
2. variety of mosses - we used a combo of 3 
3. variety of succulent and our ground cover plants - we used a combo of 3 
4. wire (to wrap your creation) 
5. have fun & get creative 

Monday, June 25, 2012

{Love} Nine Months!

You at 9 Months: 

You are one HAPPY baby - full of smiles and laughter all day 
You love to be outdoors - the park, backyard, zoo, on a walk or wagon ride 
You get very excited when you see new things and preform the world's best army crawl to get to it
You pull yourself to a standing position any chance you get 
You are SO close to walking 
You have learned to high five - so fun! 
You are working on perfecting your wave - we have a little ways to go 
You love water - bath tubs & swimming pools
You still love your dog Chloe more than anything 
You still have only 2 teeth (bottom) 
You love listening to mom and dad read you books 
You love your cousin Wyatt and think watching him is pretty cool 
You smile at everyone 

Your dad and I celebrated our 1st Mother's and Father's Day this year  - thanks for giving us the best year of our lives! We love you.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{Love} Eight Months!

Cinco de Mayo - May 5th 2012 

You at 8 Months:

You have 2 teeth now 
You are crawling everywhere (an army style crawl) 
You know how to clap (I am so excited and entertained by this) 
You know to the word OPEN and are amazing at opening up when eating 
You still love your dog Chloe and she is the first thing that you look for in the morning
You love watching and learning your fun word flash cards 
You enjoy the park (we go almost every sunny day) and you love the swing and slide 
When Dad and I hold your hands and guide you - you can take "steps"- it amazes us 
Your first word was Da-Da - no other words yet...but you say this word everyday
You are a great traveler - we are currently on our 2nd out of state trip (Alaska) 
You love to be outside and watch Dad work in the yard, golfers, kids at the park and Chloe 

We love you and enjoy watching you grow everyday!