Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Love} Twelve Months!

You at Twelve Months:

You love to eat! You have given up on baby food and eat all the things that we eat now. Your favorite fruits are watermelon, peaches, nectarines and strawberries. You also love eggs, avocado, beets, chicken and turkey.

Your love for Chloe continues to grow - we love watching you play "catch" with her. You are pretty good at throwing the ball for her now. You love to lay on her and cuddle with her.

You like to dance. When I say "Let's dance Cade" you start wiggling back and forth and laugh at me dancing too. This is a favorite part of my day! 

 You are happiest in the backyard, on a walk in your red wagon or at the beach. 

You love balloons! We discovered this at your 1st Birthday party.

Your favorite book is Where is Baby's Bellybutton.

You love to climb - stairs, onto tables, beds. We have to keep an eye on you. 

You still love all things related to water.

Happy Twelve Months Cade! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cade's 1st Birthday Bash: A Pool Party

Doughnut Dessert Table 

Cade's Birthday 'Cake' - adorable stand created by Grandma Kari 
Favor pails for the kiddos 
The favors: mini pails, goggles, mini beach ball and swedish fish in a chevron print bag stamped with a number 1 

Sunscreen Station 
Brunch. The backdrop: A window pane strung with instagram prints  

In his favorite place: water 
Birthday Chair 
Mini Water Bottles for the kiddos finished with paper tape stamped with the number 1 

Our amazing family and friends that came out to celebrate 
Our family 
Cade and his Great Grandma Shirley

On Sunday August 26th we hosted Cade's 1st Birthday Bash: A Pool Party. 
Cade LOVES the water and we could not have picked a better place for his party. We hosted 80 family and friends for a brunch to celebrate Cade's 1st year at The Tacoma Lawn and Tennis Club. The weather turned out perfect, brunch was delicious - thank you to Chef Randy, Sandra, and Janin at The Vault Catering Co, dessert was scrumptious and all the family and friends made the day perfect. 
Happy 1st Birthday Cade! 

Paper Crafts and Menus created by Kari Snyder 
All images courtesy of Sandra Winters of The Vault Catering Company