Monday, August 6, 2012

{Love} Eleven Months!

You at Eleven Months: 

You give us kisses! 
I love getting my Cade kisses everyday. You just learned to give Grandma Kari Eskimo kisses too

You have 4 teeth now: 2 cute little ones on the bottom and 2 on top 

You LOVE water! I can hardly keep you on dry land at the beach house. Swim lessons have been so fun! You love to observe all the "big" kids in class. You love your nightly bath too

You love to drink water from grown up glasses & your sippy cup - but mostly from momma's water glass - this is your favorite

You love to wear 1 sock only. People always ask me if they know you only have 1 sock on - I smile and reply yes - it is just how you are most comfortable

You love to "talk". You have your own little language and "talk" to your books, to us and to Chloe too

You are a master crawler - you have moved into a bear crawl - you are working your way towards walking but are not quite there yet

You love to climb up stairs - you have mastered the ones at Grandma Kari's and Papa Charlie's house.

I am busy planning your 1st birthday party - a Pool Party. 
This year has gone by so quickly - we have had so many fun adventures as a family and I look forward to a million more. 

Happy 11 Months Baby Boy!