Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{Love} Eight Months!

Cinco de Mayo - May 5th 2012 

You at 8 Months:

You have 2 teeth now 
You are crawling everywhere (an army style crawl) 
You know how to clap (I am so excited and entertained by this) 
You know to the word OPEN and are amazing at opening up when eating 
You still love your dog Chloe and she is the first thing that you look for in the morning
You love watching and learning your fun word flash cards 
You enjoy the park (we go almost every sunny day) and you love the swing and slide 
When Dad and I hold your hands and guide you - you can take "steps"- it amazes us 
Your first word was Da-Da - no other words yet...but you say this word everyday
You are a great traveler - we are currently on our 2nd out of state trip (Alaska) 
You love to be outside and watch Dad work in the yard, golfers, kids at the park and Chloe 

We love you and enjoy watching you grow everyday! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hola...Our First International Adventure

We just returned from our first international adventure; our first family vacation that included a plane ride. We enjoyed an amazing 2 weeks in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. This is the spot where we were married in November 2010. We stayed at the beautiful Grand Luxxe and were so lucky to have my parents there and three groups of dear friends that joined us over the 2 weeks. Cade LOVED the pools and his first introduction to the ocean (he has been on Puget Sound but this was his first ocean...the Pacific Ocean). He had his first tooth pop up while we were there and now is officially crawling!  This milestones have been so incredible to experience for us. It is official being a mom is the BEST thing in the entire world!

Cade and I head up North to Alaska next week to visit my sister and nephew (Baby Wyatt) for a few weeks  -  one of my goal is to learn Photoshop (which I received for Christmas) while I am there and post a few more pics from our trip to Mexico.