Monday, June 25, 2012

{Love} Nine Months!

You at 9 Months: 

You are one HAPPY baby - full of smiles and laughter all day 
You love to be outdoors - the park, backyard, zoo, on a walk or wagon ride 
You get very excited when you see new things and preform the world's best army crawl to get to it
You pull yourself to a standing position any chance you get 
You are SO close to walking 
You have learned to high five - so fun! 
You are working on perfecting your wave - we have a little ways to go 
You love water - bath tubs & swimming pools
You still love your dog Chloe more than anything 
You still have only 2 teeth (bottom) 
You love listening to mom and dad read you books 
You love your cousin Wyatt and think watching him is pretty cool 
You smile at everyone 

Your dad and I celebrated our 1st Mother's and Father's Day this year  - thanks for giving us the best year of our lives! We love you.

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The Savvys said...

I don't know how it is possible since he is already the cutest boy alive but he literally gets cuter every day!