Saturday, July 7, 2012

{Love} Ten Months!

You at 10 Months

You can say mama - yay!
You call Chloe - gog - you love your dog so much 
You are a water baby! Puget Sound is your new favorite body of water 
You love the beach - sand, driftwood & sea kelp 
You are a mover -  a quick crawler and pulling yourself up on everything 
You are always willing to try new foods - we love your facial expressions 
You clap when you are happy 
You have new teeth working their way in and it is not fun for you 
You love to hear mama and dad sing the ABC's - this is our soothing lullaby for you 
You laugh uncontrollably at your Papa Charlie - it makes us all laugh 
Some babies do not sleep much, you are one of these babies 

We love you - Happy 10 Months Little One 


Tinell said...

Sweet lil Man...each new day is a little more fun than the previous :-)

Anonymous said...

I love you Cade!
Great~Aunt Jody

The Savvys said...

He is growing up so fast! And like I've said before literally cuter every day!

jessica said...

why sleep when life is this good?! :)

Cassie & Conner said...

I love the monthly updates and hope you don't mind that I plan on doing the same with our baby! Very cute way of tracking Cade's life!