Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dinner with Friends

On Monday night we hosted a dinner at our house for friends - Nate, Sheryl, their twin 4 month old baby girls, McKenzi, Anthony and Amiya. It was the first adventure for our grill this year (something I have been wanting to get out for weeks now). The dinner, a collaboration of cooking/grilling by me, a salad by  Sheryl and dessert made by McKenzi turned out delicious and we had a fabulous time with friends! I love doing dinner this way, after a full day of work at the restaurant, having everyone help out took some of the pressure off and I always love trying new recipes by friends. 

{The Menu}
 Alaska Smoked Salmon Caught by Sister & Her Husband
Rosemary and Sea Salt Flatbread Crackers & Sesame Rice Crackers 
Red & Green Organic Grapes 
Brie and Boursin Cheese  
Main Course:
Flank Steak with Lime Marinade 
Twice Baked Potatoes 
Greek Salad ~ made by Sheryl 
Raspberry & Lemon Curd Trifle ~ made by McKenzi 

the marinade 

my new FAVORITE beverage!  Dry Soda. I love the Vanilla Bean Soda - only 60 calories and sweetened with sugar cane. 

I did not get photos of the twice baked potatoes or the dessert - which was SO beautiful! 


jessica said...

OOH la la! How fun!
Please share your flank steak recipe!
And now I'm on the hunt for the dry soda!!

Annie said...

The flank steak looks amazing!! Would you share your marinade recipe?!