Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A month of lovely events and friends

I have not posted anything in almost a month - things have been very busy with the restaurant, catering & events and planning our wedding (only 3 months away now). I wanted to post a few pictures from some of my favorite events over the last month.

Birthday BBQ Dinner for my Dad's 60th Birthday 

Fresh Fruit Salad for my Dad's Birthday 

Zoobilee - the booth that was created for Big Whisky 

Zoobilee - the fun tissue poms that Heather and I made our booth 

Zoobilee - the past Event Chairs from the last 20 years! We had a celebratory patron shot as a group. I co-chaired this event in 2006. 

Zoobilee - my amazing friend Heather

Zoobilee- Dancing with the love of my life

Our flower girl - Lyla 

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The Savvys said...

Lyla has been ripping up tissue lately into tiny pieces and throwing it everywhere. She must be practicing for the wedding. :)