Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Dessert

Tonight we had our dear friends Sheryl and Nate and Adam's sister Randee and her husband Carl over for dinner. It was the perfect night for a bbq. Adam grilled Teriyaki Sesame Chicken Kabobs and Chipotle Rosemary Chicken Kabobs and we served them with a mixed greens salad with sunflower seeds and a poppy dressing. For dessert I served one scoop of  Haagen- Dazs Strawberry Ice Cream & one scoop of Haagen -Dazs Vanilla Raspberry Swirl frozen yogurt and sorbet topped with fresh Puyallup strawberries. It is a simple and yummy summer dessert! 


Heather & Shaun said...

You are seriously so cute! I am officially following your blog religiously now. :-) XOXO!

Anonymous said...

It was a delicious dinner and fabulous dessert!! Thanks again for having us over!! Love ya! xoxo