Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome to The World Cade!

We welcomed our little baby boy on September 5th - Labor Day. He was 1 week late but perfect and so worth the wait! This is the picture that I used on our birth announcements - my sister took some great photos in the labor and delivery room and this was one of them.

Things have been busy with our new baby and life has gone by so quickly over the last 27 days. Now that I feel like I have a semi grasp on what life is like with a little one (as much as you can) - I am going to try and blog again, consistently. It has been awhile and while I still read all my favorite blogs everyday - I miss working on this one. I am not quite sure of the direction for my blog now, but I am sure once I get back into blogging it will come to me.

Looking forward to our new life adventures with the new love of our life, baby Cade!


jessica said...

Now you can post about ALL things Cade - and everyone will eat it up!

I hope you're enjoying every mama minute (even the rough ones!) and can't wait to hear about it!

Tacoma Working Mom said...

He is so adorable Jordan! Congratulations!