Thursday, October 6, 2011

{Pumpkins: Welcome Fall}

Mama and Baby Cade
Cade's first trip to Spooner Farms Pumpkin  Patch 
Love this pumpkin display! 
Yummy Caramel Corn 
My favorite time of the year has arrived - Fall! Well really Fall through Christmas is my favorite time of  year, so the best time of the year has begun! This year might be the best as I get to create all new memories and firsts with Cade.

Last Sunday we took Cade to his first pumpkin patch. We started our morning with pumpkin spice lattes (my favorite seasonal drink) and breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks and headed to Spooner Farms in Orting. We met our friends out there who have a baby boy 5 days younger than Cade, our sisters (both visiting from out of state) and my in-laws.

Spooner Farms has it all - pumpkin sling shot (none of us hit the target - we could have won a free pumpkin if we did), corn maize, face painting, great gift shop, and seasonal treats to eat and drink while you wander through the pumpkin patch. We loved the caramel corn. After a great morning at the patch we headed home with our pumpkins, hay bails and small gourds.

Happy Fall! 


Jess said...

So sweet Jordan. I love everything fall too. Hope I get to see you and the little man soon!

Sara W. said...

It was so good to see you and baby Cade the other day! (And I agree, Spooner farms is wondeful! We couldn't hit the target either.. went last year :) Some of the best memories are early holidays... thanks for sharing!

The Savvys said...

Love the Family photo! You guys are so cute!