Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spending time at home...

Being in the Restaurant and Catering business we work a TON during this time of year. I am so grateful that we have been so busy! I love this time of year!  This year has been a tough one though - last week my 7 day, 81 hour work week did not allow me Christmas shopping time This year I have done a lot of local shopping which I am proud to support as opposed to heading to U Village as a tradition in years past. I was finally able to do some shopping after work today and begin wrapping for the deliveries I need to do to friends and co-workers tomorrow. Every year I choose a theme for my wrapping.  This year I selected Paper Source's Moss Flourish Paper with a Cranberry Red & Green Ribbon. I love the way they tuned out and LOVED the the dogs were relaxing tonight after a huge run today. 

Big Brother Olen 

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Tinell said...

Look at your adorable golden's. We sure love ours too.
Merry Christmas to you and the husband. May you enjoy your holidays with each other at your side.