Monday, January 16, 2012

Cade's First Snow Day

I could not be more excited about the snow that we are having, I love the snow. I find myself waking up at night and peering out the window to see if the snow has started back up. The forecast tells us that we have two more days of snow coming our way - yay! 
 Our snow dog - Chloe 

Cade's First Igloo 

We had a yummy cocoa warm up half way through the igloo build.

 The Igloo - a few finishing touches are left to do - we ran out of light today 

My sister and brother in law came over for dinner and we made breakfast for dinner - one of our favorite dinners growing up. Our feast tonight: scrambled eggs with herbs, blueberry pancakes topped with strawberries & whipped cream or maple syrup, sausage, bacon and orange juice. 
We followed up dinner with a game of Farkle - a really fun dice game! 

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The Savvys said...

Wow you really did build an igloo. Impressive! I love Cade in his northface!