Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Moll

Adam and I are VERY excited to welcome our first baby this August! 
There is so much to take in and get prepared for our little one - we have begun our preparations and planning. I know that this time is going to fly by and am trying to take in each day as it comes.
We cannot wait for you to arrive baby Moll (that is what we call the baby right now)


Laura Finnegan said...

So happy for you guys! You're gonna have a BLAST!!

Alexandra Hedin said...

Congratulations! What day are you due? I'm due August 2nd :)

Tinell said...

Huge Congratulations lovingly sent your way. I pray for a healthy and happy pregnancy for you!
Babies are the most wonderful thing to happen to a happy hubby and wife.
Yeah for you both (I mean you three)!

McKenzi said...

Congrats you two! Such exciting news! :)

Abby said...

So excited for you!!!

jessica said...

OMG!!!!!!! I just saw this post - and I am so excited to see this, Jordan. I've got shivers thinking about what an amazing mama you're going to be. Oh this is the best!