Friday, May 22, 2009

Candy Drink Infusion

I got a really cool drink infuser last week and have been excited to create a tasty infusion for the restaurant. After looking through a ton of recipes, which I am excited to try all of them, I settled on a candy infusion for the first one. 

 Starburst infused vodka 

3 -  750ml bottles Finlandia vodka 
4 bags Starburst candy 

Using a drink infuser or any container with a tight sealing lid combine the Starburst candy and vodka. Seal and let infuse for 2-3 days. Shake the container to mix up the candy once a day. I would recommend straining this before serving. 

I have been serving this as a shot and a drink at the restaurant. People are loving it and cannot believe how easy it is to make.
For a shot pour into a martini shaker filled with ice to chill vodka, strain and pour. 
For a Starburst cocktail - pour 1.75 oz of the infused vodka over ice and top with club soda

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jessica said...

this sounds delicious!!

Miss Andrea said...

Do you use only one color/flavor of Starburst or mix them all together?

Jordan Snyder said...

I just mixed them all together - it is delicious!