Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dame Lola opens in new location

My favorite boutique re-opened on Saturday, hosting a party from 4-8pm. Dame Lola has opened her doors on Tacoma Avenue across the street from Calla Lily and by Tully's.
The clothes, appetizers, themed cocktails and music were amazing. I bought my favorite perfume oil & lotion - Kai and tried on some incredible pieces by Rebecca Taylor.
Pictures to come!
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Anonymous said...

I love this store! I can't wait to see what she's done with the place. This blog knows everything!

Anonymous said...

Dame Lola is a great place to find designer clothes. I'm glad to hear they are opening in Tacoma. Time to shop.

Josh Dunn said...

Rebecca, we are so glad you are open. However, we saved our budget for a few months! haha. We miss having you next door. Congrats on your new space.

Anonymous said...

This a great section, and Jordan's party set-ups are fantastic. Cute photo as well!